21 days – 21 eBooks

Dear Friends,

I just have to share with you, that https://www.allromanceebooks.com is giving away a FREE eBook per day from 1st April till 21st. Each title will be marked FREE for 48 hours. All you have to do is to register with the site if you haven’t already.

Run to get your eBooks,

Adila 😉


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Get ready for RWA Conference 2013

I know I haven’t been posting for ages. Wouldn’t waste time making excuses.

Right now I’m sitting at the Lobby Of Marriott Atlanta Marquise. Have came earlier to explore Atlanta. I’d share my “adventures” in later posts.

The weather changes often, so if you plan to go out, don’t forget to bring an umbrella.

You can bottle up with water from Walgreens, which is like 20-30 minutes walk. (And yes, I walked there. This was a must-do after consuming wonderful Peach Cheesecake from High Velocity.) Pack for 24 bottles (16.9 oz), payed less than $2, would be handy to carry when the convention starts. Can ask for directions at the concierge desk.

I believe it would be better if you print your agenda & RWA coupons (you haven’t forgotten about them, right? http://www.atlanta.net/savings/index.aspx?mtg_nbr=102787&acct_nbr=004327) at home. Printing at FedEx at the Hotel is $0.55 for a Black & White and $1.79 for a Color pages.

One of the Hotel Restaurants “High Velocity” has a great deal, special menu choice for $10 till 3 pm.

If you plan to stay after the Convention to explore Atlanta, check http://www.citypass.com/atlanta

These is all. I think you already heard advices like bringing a formal wear if you pitch to an agent and a need for a walking pair of shoes. + A jacket to protect you from freezing air condition & a tote to roll all the free books you will get.

Elevators are already decorated to welcome us 🙂

Romantic Evelator 1 DSC02855 DSC02856 DSC02857 DSC02858 DSC02860

Happy preparations,


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Blog relaunch; sharing codes for 8 wonderful ebooks at Smashwords.

Hello Everyone,

I know I’m guilty leaving my blog for so long. Promise from now on to blog at least each 10 days.

By the way, I took a great online class on WordPress by Pepper O’Neal. Now, taking her “Build Your Website with WordPress: Advanced”. If you’re interested, you can find information about hers and other great online workshops at The Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Special Interest Chapter of RWA website: http://romance-ffp.com

It’s too late to blog in details about the time I spent at RWA this year. Still, can’t help, but share this photo from Celtic Hearts RWA Chapter Meeting. The meeting was at a cool Pub. Spent time great with all people being so nice to me. (Please, check the chapter’s website as well: http://www.celtichearts.org )

Unfortunately, no photos from another great chapter meeting I attended – Heart Through History Chapter. Won two prizes there; one as my name came from a drawing and other for the furthest trip (I’m from Azerbaijan). http://www.heartsthroughhistory.com

I want to share codes for 8 wonderful e-books at Smashwords. Better download them ASAP, because they expire on 15th this month.

Margo Maguire – Brash          coupon code:   ZG23P

V.K. Sykes – Fastball          coupon code:   NR59A

Monica Burns – Obsession          coupon code:   YB82Z

Sharon Page – Sinful          coupon code:   QP68N

Mia Marlowe – Touch of a Lady          coupon code:   VC77R

Lila DiPasqua – Undone          coupon code:   NY99C

Joan Swan – Intimate Enemies          coupon code:   RB29D

Elisabeth Naughton – Bound to Seduction          coupon code: EX39W

I want to finish with repeating my promise about blogging on a regular basis and asking you to scroll down & press “Follow” button at the right corner. 😉

Wish You All Great time reading the e-books,


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23rd April – World Book and Copyright Day

I just wanted to share that UNESCO choose 23rd April as World Book and Copyright Day. That date is special since so famous writers as Shakespeare, Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died on 23rd of April 1616. Also, Maurice Druon, Vladimir Nabokov, K.Laxness,  Josep Pla and Manuel Mejía Vallejo died or was born on 23rd.

You can read more about it at UNESCO’s Official Website:


I would be happy if you share your thoughts about these.

Question to ones, who read the article I linked to:

Isn’t it a wonderful tradition in Catalonia (Spain) to give a rose for each bought book?

By the way, Belarus declared 2012 Year of Book.

It’s a jubilee – 10 years, of the opening of Museum of Miniature Books in Azerbaijan (my country). If you are interested, I’d dedicate a post to the museum in future.

Happy World Book and Copyright Day!


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You Are Welcome!

I have thought about creating a perfect blog for a while. I wanted it to have a great personalized photo, engaging topics and being easy “to fall in love with”. Everything to be perfect. Then I realized that if I keep waiting for it to be “perfect”, I would start blogging at age 72, not 27. So here it is – a yet simple blog from someone who just started blogging.

Welcome everyone! I will do my best to make you often guests (or better subscribers) here.

I especially haven’t posted my bio yet, to give you some clues about me and the 1st lucky guessers are to win great signed by authors books!

Right now I’m in the USA, Chicago at last day of RT Convention. Finally, after all the workshops, meetings with readers/writers and parties I found time slot to blog. After all I want to send you your prizes before leaving the States on Monday & heading home.

And here are the questions for you to guess about me, some about RT. (Should I add that RT stands for Romantic Times Magazine, and it’s annual convention is the best place to go for anyone who loves reading/writing Romance books?)

1. I’m from a country some consider Europe, but some Asia, since it covers both territories. One of resources of the country is oil and me won a major European singing contest last year. Name the country.

2. I’m hot-tempered, but easy-forgiving. Friendly, stubborn, honest (sometimes too honest). A little bit egoistical (sometimes more than “a little bit”), but in a spoiled-child way, not a bad person way. Yet I’d make sacrifices if needed for my family, friends and ones, who are dear to me. 99% optimist. A huge secret – I still believe in Fairy Tales. What is my Zodiac?

3. What year was the 1st Romantic Times Magazine published?

4. What year the 1st RT Convention was held?

5. Where 1st RT Convention was held?

The deadline for posting you answers is 12am Today and for sending you addresses upon request 7 AM on Monday, 16th (Chicago time). If you don’t provide your address in time, you won’t get the prize.

For each question there are 2 winners, who have answered 1st. They can choose from following signed by authors books (since there are 1 of each book only, and each winner makes the choice, you might not get your 1st pick, so just write in your post numbers of the books according to your wishlist. Ex, 4, 9, 10, 2, 1, 6, 3, 5, 4, 7. Then, if you are a 2nd winner, but the 1st winner won the book listed under #4, then you’ll get #9)

Angie Fox – The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers
Ann Aguirre – Enclave
Brenda Jackson – Slow Burn
Colleen Gleason – The Vampire Dimitri
F.Paul Wilson – The Tomb
Francis Ray – The Way You Love Me
Leanne Renee Hieber – Darker Still
Sophie Jordan – Wicked in Your Arms
Terrie Brisbin – The Conqueror’s Lady
Tessa Dare -A Week to be Wicked

And for the 1st person who gets all answers correct there is a special prize – The Wolf Gift (Hardcover) by Anne Rice (signed!)

Wish You All the Best,


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